What I love about movies: "I don’t want to sound pretentious, but I don’t want to be in the entertainment industry. I don’t. I’m not a performer. I only know I just want to do stories that are worth being told. Not to make any grand statements but it’s like there’s a kind of common good, there’s a common curiosity. It’s like one step beyond reading. Reading something, you do get to experience it. But as an actor, you get to personally get as close to that experience as you possibly can. You actually, literally, walk in their shoes." (x)


Hey! So, Coming Out Day is coming up soon (Oct. 11) and I just want to post a very stern reminder to NOT out anyone without their explicit permission.

Do NOT out anyone.

Got it?


Your ass looks incredible! And your head and body too!


"lesbian witch hunt shit"


My mom got a new puppy




someone please make a meme masterpost of every tumblr meme ever


it doesn’t have all of them but it has a lot of them

this is so surreal honestly its like traveling through time

Atonement (2007) dir. Joe Wright


people who hate on flannel are not worth your time, you OWN that lumberjack look and chop down the haters


I’m about to have a grand fucking time